Truck Factoring

Wednesday 10 January 2018 at 02:28 am.

Choosing the best type of financing for your freighting company is vital for your business’ success. In the freighting industry, there is a common misconception that all forms of business financing are the same. However, in reality, the types of financing available for a small or mid-sized business are different. Your choice of trucking factoring companies can affect your business either positively or negatively.
Financing through freight factoring has immense benefits to businesses’ operations. Here are some of the benefits of freight factoring.

High Initial Advances
Most truck factoring lines provide freighting companies with high advances. In most cases, most lines advance a minimum of 90% of the invoice value.

Transport More Loads
Factoring improves your cash flow position, and therefore you can be able to take more loads and to attain new customers without cash shortages. This is because with factoring your invoices mature fast, rather than having to wait for the usual 45 days; thus you can be able to settle your expenses soon.

Quick Approvals
Most trucking factoring companies usually approve applications within a day after a request is made. Besides, the credit line in less than a week. Therefore, truck factoring can be used to help in solving emergency cash flow problems.

Fuel Cards
Most freight factoring lines are integrated with fuel card service providers. This, in turn, enables your small or medium sized freight company to manage its fuel budget more efficiently.

Freight factoring adds flexibility in a business’s operations. The reason for this is that the financing line grows with your revenue. As your business expands, the available line expands too, contrary to some other financing options.

Freight factoring contributes significantly to a trucking company’s success. Apart from easing cash flow problems, it improves on fuel management. It also improves your businesses flexibility, since the available financing line expands with your businesses growth. The trucking factoring companies that you choose will affect the overall success and growth of your business.

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