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Dmitri Zafirov: A View On His Career

Friday 25 October 2019 at 06:29 am. Used tags: , ,

If you want to know about a person, look at his attainments in life. You should look up about his educational background and how far he is in his career. This would help give you an idea about how he is as a person. In line with this, if you actually plan on checking things out or just making sure you would be able to just check up on it, Dmitri Zafirov is definitely someone who has done it all and succeeded in what he wants and to help you out, here are some view on his career that you ought to see.

College career

As for his college career, he has included in there an MA in economics which he got from the HEC Montreal. He also has a B. Comm in something on finance as well. During his time at the university in Quebec which is also in Montreal, he also presented a paper on the wealth distribution in between a lot of generations. He has a good track record in his universities which speaks a lot about the person he is as well. It is surely a joy to be able to work with him knowing how amazing he actually is at the same time which is what you will be able to see through his records. Get more interesting details about digital painting on https://twitter.com/athanzafirov.

Technical experience

As for his technical experience, he as already had applications out there like Capital IQ, Datastream, Thomson One Financial, Bloomberg and a whole lot more that would be great to check out on as well. He also has professional interests in things like mining, engineering, petroleum as well as retail market at the same time too. It really is noticeable that he also did served as VP internal for Maison in Quebec and this is pretty much something that can speak a lot for him as well.