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Google Ranking Factors 2019: Guide to Top on rankings

Monday 01 April 2019 at 06:18 am.

Fact: There are more than 3.5 billion searches made every day at Google.  Google is actually the number company that holds large share in search engine market.  Among the 3.5 billion searches, have you considered your page being included in the rank of searches? If you think you are still in the “improvement or developing” phase as you hardly place even on the top 20, then it’s time to take a look on the Google Ranking Factors and get your site a progress.

Basics Google Ranking Factors 2019

Wed Design

Others would regard this as the web architecture.  How it appears to viewers is very important.  Make sure that your web is organized into subdirectories, and of course there should be clear string of text at the end of the URL.


These are hyperlinks that direct back to your page from anywhere on the internet.  Believe it. This would make a major difference in your rank. More information about google ranking factors 2019 on seo expert brad.

Topic Authority

Listen people! This is also very very important.  Topics are very essential in Google ranking and they help as your foundation for the page authority you’ll need in order to rank highly than your competitors.  To simple say, the more content you publish on a topic within your page, the higher each content that belongs to the topic will rank in Google Search Engine.


Topics are very important as well as individual keyword about the topic.  Keywords optimization is one of the most important factors because these words are the keys so that users will be directed to your page.  The stronger your keyword, the higher you may rank in the search.


Of course, serving your clients with just few information would just make them close your page and look for other informative sites.  Make your content relevant, informative, and engaging.