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Marquis Reagent: Facts

Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 04:42 am.

Marquis Reagent, the most commonly used reagent is used to identify aromatic compounds.  When testing is performed, a change in color happens, and identify substance content in the particular drug you are testing.  The coloration is caused by the compound formed by the process of condensation of many drug molecules present in the substance.  The color varies because it depends on the nature of drug being tested.

The advantage of testing with Marquis Reagent

Marquis Reagent can test phenetylamines and amphetamine.  Moreover it can react to aspirin, opiates, LSD, mescaline, methylphenidate and sugar.  Persons who tend to have allergic reactions or advised for a lower dosage of these substances can benefit a lot.  It prevents allergic reactions and definitely can save life. 

How To Test with Marquis Reagent

If you have the kit,, you may apply a few drops of Marquis Reagent to a sample of compound on your glass.  Ceramic may also be used.  You just have to be careful in applying since Marquis Reagent is corrosive.  It has to be used in well-ventilated areas.  Be also informed that gasses can emerge when reaction occurs.

Colors also vary on what type of substance being tested.  For example, it turns into deep red when there is a presence of aspirin powder, dark grayish reddish brown for opium powder, moderate orange yellow for methylphenidate, dark brown for sugar crystals.  You can refer to the chart included in the kit for more colours of reaction.  Moreover, colors too would differ according to the amount or level of substance present. You can find more details on marquis reagent on the site wimscilabs.

Where to Purchase Marquis Reagent

Selling Marquis Reagent is not that easy.  A seller might have accredited its company to the bureau of food and drugs and its equivalent.  You can also find Marquis Reagent from legit online stores.  Make sure to perform quick research before purchasing.